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Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking

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Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking.China Guangzhou Heda Shelves Co.,Ltd.specialized in designing Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking, manufacturing and install all kinds of storage and Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking, Is one of the biggest storage manufacturers from China.

(7) Optimize commuWarehouse Heavy Duty Rackingnity community management measures.

Original title: British "The Lancet" article: Learning from China's anti-epidemic experience is very important. Reference News Network reported on March 29 that the British "Lancet" weekly website published a title entitled "New Crown Pneumonia: Learning Experience" on March 28. Article.The international community musWarehouse Heavy Duty Rackingt use the spirit of cooperation to prevent more fragile states from repeating their mistakes.

Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking

The world does not lack effective global leadership.South Korea has been tested for infection cases before, so they can better test and track close contacts.After New Crown Pneumonia swept the globe, countries have adopted a series of dramatic containment measures that reflect the scale of the threat posed by this pandemic.Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking

Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking

A few days later, Italy had more deaths from new crown pneumonia than China.Leaders are scrambling to buy diagnostic test kits, personal protective equipment and ventilators for overwhelmed hospitals, and people's anger is growing.

Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking

The situation in Europe and the United States shows that delaying preparations for war, pinning hopes on containment elsewhere, or holding on to a stubborn mentality are not desirable.

On March 13, WHO said that Europe is now the epicenter of the epidemic.Surgery is arranged in No. 12 negative-pressure operating room. Normally, the operating room has positive pressure. There is a static pressure difference of 6-8 between the operating room and the outside. The negative-pressure operating room has negative pressure inside. surroundings.

Master Tan transferred to the ICU. After being awake, the hospital will conduct a nucleic acid test for Master Tan to eliminate risks.Director Jin said that in accordance with the regulations of the hospital, in order to reduce the risk of infection in special periods, emergency surgery should be treated according to the new crown pneumonia procedure. Surgery must strictly follow the three-level protection process. Hand-washing clothes, protective clothing, isolation clothing, sterile surgical clothing, each Clothing must be covered with a layer of protective gloves. Neurosurgery is generally more delicate. The flexibility of the opponent is very high. Wearing 3 layers of gloves will make the whole hand wrapped very tightly. After a long time wearing, the hand will be painful and very restrictive.

This operation is the first operation after the re-examination of Tianyou Hospital. Since March 21, Tianyou Hospital has undergone a comprehensive review, and many patients have come to see him.I feel that the anesthesia operation in the negative pressure operating room is just as difficult as wearing a space suit to run a marathon on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Although we have anti-fog treatment on the goggles, the high-intensity physical exertion during the anesthesia and the precipitation of a large amount of sweat So that everyone's goggles are still covered with a thin layer of water mist.

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