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Click to enter the topic: Focus on the outbreak ofHigh Storage Racks new coronavirus pneumonia. Outbreaks of new coronary pneumonia in many countries around the world.

In the Philippines, a curfew is imposed between 8 pm and 5 am, and only one person is allowed to go out to buy living goods, and offenders may be arrested.The report said that the UK also stHigh Storage Racksipulated that those who violated the ban in private will be fined 30 pounds (1 pound is about 8.6 yuan)

High Storage Racks

A passenger rides a train on the Long Island Railroad in New York, USA on March 27.Original title: German media article: Self-2020 harm is comparable to the new crown virus reference news website reported on March 29. German "Focus" weekly website March 27 issue article entitled "Not only the new crown virus, but also self-2020 is a dangerous virus" These days, the desire for solidarity and cooperation is also widely spread among politicians.However, when the last person saHigh Storage Racksw that the so-called strong Johnson was not better than the real world, the moment of revealing the truth might be more painful.

High Storage Racks

Instead of focusing on strict isolation, he relied on the theory of herd immunity: to a large extent allowed the virus to spread freely to achieve infection in about 70% of the population so that these people could become immune.The article stated that there is no doubt that even modest and pragmatic politicians such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel cannot guarantee too much certainty or security to their citizens right now.

High Storage Racks

The article argues that extreme selves can be dangerous, not only for egoists themselves.

However, they will not inadvertently put democracy and citizens at risk.Original title: What is the average cost of treating a patient with new coronary pneumonia? The official interpretation of the National Medical Insurance Bureau: people-centered, and effectively protect patients' medical costs Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the cost of patient treatment has been a hot spot of concern to the people.

The number of cleared patients in China was 44,189, involving a total cost of 750.48 million yuan and a per capita cost of 17,000 yuan, of which the medical insurance payment ratio was about 65% (the remaining part was subsidized by the finance).Q: Who will bear the cost of new coronary pneumonia patients who seek medical treatment away? Who pays for the medical expenses incurred before the diagnosis of a confirmed patient? Xiong Xianjun: According to the two guarantee policies just introduced, for the confirmed and suspected patients identified by the health and health department, whether they are local or non-local patients, first treatment and settlement will be implemented.

In order to alleviate the patient's worries and allow patients to come to the clinic with ease, the medical insurance department requires that all diagnosed and suspected patients be treated first and then settled.In response to the needs of patients with severe and chronic diseases in outpatient clinics, Wuhan has included more than 1,300 orders for Internet + medical services paid by medical insurance every day, and transferred more than 1,100 prescriptions to designated retail pharmacies.

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