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Fang Fang seems to have inherited a bit of scar literature from the end of the Cultural RevSupermarket Display Standsolution. Although the theme of the scar literature is to criticize the humanitarian harm caused by the Cultural Revolution, the temperament is still full of the Cultural Revolution.

On March 12, when the China Automobile Industry Association held a monthly information conference, it said that due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, domestic car production and sales in February were 285,000 and 310,000, respectively, a decrease of 80% from the previous month.Except for Wuhan, areas with high produSupermarket Display Standsction of automobiles or auto parts such as Xiangyang and Shiyan are all places where the epidemic is more serious.

Supermarket Display Stands

Taking Dongfeng Honda, a three-vehicle manufacturing plant all located in Wuhan, as an example, if it starts from the Spring Festival holiday on January 22, Dongfeng Honda has lost more than 40 working days of production capacity.Ye Xueping, director of the Institute of Economics of the Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, speculated to China News Weekly that it will take some time to fully resume labor-intensive manufacturing and service industries.The automobile supply chain will be hit hard. At present, the workers in the depot have not yet reSupermarket Display Standsturned to work. The factory has not yet started production, and there are no people near the park.

Supermarket Display Stands

With the nationwide resumption of work, the auto industry is still affected.According to the China Automobile Dealers Association, as of March 17, the overall resumption efficiency of auto dealers nationwide was 58%, while the resumption efficiency of Hubei Province was only 38%.

Supermarket Display Stands

As the 4th largest automobile company in China's top 500 manufacturing companies, Dongfeng Motor Group is the leader in Wuhan's automobile industry and the largest corporate entity in Hubei Province.

This scripture shows that the room number tax had been levied in Beijing at that time. Regarding its nature, Wanli's "Shuntianfuzhi" directly explained: the so-called room number, that is, the shelf.Dean Xiong: We used to be a standard Class A hospital. The hospital's processes have been formed for a long time. After changing the nature of the hospital, all the processes are equivalent to re-engineering.

The Sichuan Medical Team's doctor is the first director and the Red Society Hospital's doctor is the director, so as to ensure that the treatment level of these patients reaches the level of treatment in West China, at least the treatment plan is at least homogeneous with West China.Faced with the rapid growth of patients, from January 7 to 22, the Red Club Hospital opened three additional wards and four wards of the respiratory department, and the capacity to treat patients increased to 120 inpatient beds.

We are not deserters, nor are we willing to be deserters.At this point, a total of 288 people from the Sichuan Military Medical Team and the 430 Red Cross Hospital medical staff are organized. Next, they will fight together to fight the epidemic.

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